f l a u t o # m a r ! m b a

Helen Dabringhaus, Flute
Fumito Nunoya, Marimba

At the first glance, combining a percussion instrument with a wind instrument seems too contradictory, since the clearly defined attack of the marimba and the soft, airy melody of the flute are fundamentally different. On the one hand, the interaction thrives on this contrast, but at the same time the instruments benefit from each other: the marimba sounds more melodious and often matches the tone colour of the flute, while the flute at times produces almost percussive rhythms.
Inspired by the possibilities of the timbres of their two instruments, the German flutist Helen Dabringhaus and the Japanese marimbist Fumito Nunoya founded the duo flauto#mar!mba in 2020.
With great enthusiasm, they approach the rhythmic subtleties of the original works of this combination, which all date from the 20th/21st century.
However, the two musicians also devote themselves to arrangements of classical works, such as J.S. Bach's flute sonatas or works by Mauro Giuliani, which he composed for flute and guitar. Fascinated, they explore the changes in the tonal language and the creation of completely new colours in well-known works.

G. Farr: Kembang Suling - 1. Bali

D. Gillingham: Five fantasies of natural origin - 2. Elegy for those never again to be

D. Gillingham: Five fantasies of natural origin - 1. Soaring on the wings of an eagle

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